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Jul 18 2018.

Karyan Information and telecommunication Co. has established with long term planning and futuristic visions. On the way, cutting edge technology transfer accompanied by academic and practical education has been a great pillar for achieving highest levels of technical expertise.

With many years of experience gained by being actively present in the Telecommunication market, Karyan is proud that has contributed a lot to


  • Expansion of the countries Telecom & IT infrastructures
  • Modification and optimization of the 2G, 3G & LTE mobile networks
  • High-end software solutions for Mobile platforms and Cellular Networks
  • Implementing industrial Wi-Fi networks
  • Voice Over IP and VOIP Switching Infrastructure


Within the 13 years of company’s presence, Karyan has specialized, optimized and improved its knowledge and experience to be able to best serve the following sections of market industries


  • LTE, 3G & 2G Mobile Operators (MCI & Rightel)
  • Value Added Service Aggregators
  • Oil and gas corporations
  • Petrochemical and chemical industries
  • The country's telecommunications industry
  • Provincial telecom companies
  • Ministry of Energy and provincial electricity distribution companies
  • Banking institutions
  • The country's automotive industries
  • The country's insurance industry
  • Municipalities of Tehran, Mashhad, Karaj and ...
  • Universities, educational institute


Throughout the years Karyan brand has always been a reliable source for providing solutions and services to the Telecommunication market. This has become possible by company’s commitment to the following principles


  • Putting maximum effort into
  • Best brands selection
  • Solution Providing based on customers’ requirements
  • Taking advantage of the most recent technology enhancements available in the market
  • Concentrating on the project’s requirements and outcome, whilst trying not to fall into brand driven approach pitfalls.
  • Putting high valueon Education in order to provide experienced resources locally
  • Accepting total responsibility for: consultancy, design, installation, implementation, deployment, commissioning and maintenance & support services


On its way to perfection, Karyan puts a lot of effort in absorbing expert resources, increasing technical knowledge, enhancement and improvement of commercial aspects and spending time on Research and Development

It is an honor for the organization to proudly present its valuable, highly trained staff on both commercial and technical department. All our resources are trained to efficiently and accurately transfer their knowledge into practice in their designs and implementation. Fields such as:


  • Cellular Networks Design & Optimization
  • LTE, 3G & 2G field test & analysis
  • Cellular Networks Monitoring Solutions
  • Mobile Platform Application Development
  • Medium and Large Scale Database Driven Application Development
  • Telecom Access & Transmission Provisioning:
    • TDM ,Microwave
    • Broadband Wireless Access
    • WiMAX
    • Wi-Fi
  • VOIP & VOIP Switching