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Jul 18 2018.

Design, planning and implementation of all types of wireless infra-structures is one of the strong suites of Karyan’s technical team.

Wireless solutions can be provided usinf various technologies such as Radio frequency waves (RF) and Free Space Optical laser beams.

The bandwisth of the provided solutions can be extended up to 1.5 Giga bit per second. The distance of the links can be as long as 80 km.

The pros of having a wireless infra-structure can be categorized as the following list:

1. Omitting the cost of renting leased line and other cable based structures.
2. Providing connectivity between geographically apart sites and locations.
3. High capacity transfer rate up to 1.5 Gbps.
4. Ability to use licensed and unlicensed domains.
5. Highly secure solutions on over the air transmissions.
6. Easy implementations

The following list can benefit from the wireless technologies:

1. Geographically separated organization
2. Internet service providers
3. Rural telecommunication coverage
5. Temporary connectivity solutions