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Jul 18 2018.

Performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool

Innovile as Karyan’s strategic partner provides Focus KPI monitoring software for Monitoring and Troubleshooting in RAN part of any network.
With the performance management experience gathered in mobile telecommunication systems, Innovile developed a sector and technology free applications. Focus, as a server-client solution, and FocusWeb, as an online web application, are your business intelligence experts to boost your system performance. Focus assures you detailed and automated performance analysis with GIS support, while FocusWeb enables you for the web mobility.
No matter how big your data collected from your system is, with the modular structure and intelligent reporting/analysis algorithms, they simplify your performance management, save time and decrease your costs.
As a Performance Management Solution Platform specifically designed for Mobile Networks, both Focus and FocusWeb increase the visibility of all mobile network layer performance (RAN/UTRAN, Transport, Core) through a vendor-free environment, and support all access technologies (GSM, WCDMA and LTE). All-in-one features move Focus and FocusWeb ahead of their competitors.
Wide ranging functionalities including alerts, trends, degraded node data and trend templates make possible to track expert-level technically detailed information and oversee management level information, supported with GIS reporting.
Trend - performs all network level performance trends reporting with various time resolutions on multiple screens. Instant statistics give you only a 5 minutes delay for your special event activities. Get accurate and fast data from every level of your network.
Anomaly - detects node/network level performance degradations within an hour and informs related departments via e-mails and sms.
Report - pinpoints root-cause of network problems using network-wide configuration data, statistics and HW site data.
GIS - shows all KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on satellite view map as static thematic or dynamic movie.
Optimization - enables KPI improvement based on real customer measurements and traces.