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Jul 18 2018.

Innovile as Karyan strategic partner provide Accela as Configuration Management so Accela is Innovile's Configuration Management solution for Mobile Networks OSS (Operation Support System).

With a user friendly web-based platform designed as a transparent management solution covering all access technologies (GSM, WCDMA and LTE), Accela provides a vendor-free operation interface that can be adapted to all vendors' OSS.
Adaption to any vendor's OSS is performed in terms of node integration, parameter changes, rehoming activities and system health check functionalities such as parameter and statistics inconsistencies.
With Accela, a state-of-the art solution, get rid of all technical drawbacks and enjoy the commercial benefits of a Multi-Vendor Network.
Performs data planning and integration process for new nodes, on an end-to-end basis. Starts from RF data preparation via recommendation of frequencies, codes and neighbors, continues with data transmission and ends up with the generation of an executable integration file ready to be imported by the related vendor's OSS.
Data Planning provides a Site Integration and Data Transcript production environment. It boosts RF Planning engineer's performance with its intelligent analysis functions by automatically assigning appropriate neighbors, BCCH, BSIC, TCH, HSN and SC, to the planned sites. It also supports visual tracking of Neighbors, Cells with Same & Adjacent BCCH, Same BCCH-BSIC and Same Scrambling Codes on Map interface (Satellite/Street/Terrain map views powered by Google Maps).
Data Planning Map search engine supports cellular network features such as SC, BSIC & BCCH, CI, CELL, SITE, RNC, BSC and also full Google Map search features. Neighbors recommended by Data Planning can be verified manually on the Data Planning Map segment.
Data Planning prepares a complete Cell Data Transcript in three quick steps:
Select the Site
Run the Planning Functions
Export XML ready to be run at related vendor's OSS

Acts as a vendor-free interface for basic OSS functionalities. Performs parameter changes, rehoming, node creation and deletion activities in a standard way applicable to any vendor's OSS.
Do not struggle with various Vendor OSS, let Accela deal with them for you...
Integrated multi technology support, GSM and UMTS
Middle Tier Planning Database for user coordination and rollback operations
Site Database Export with different grouping levels (BSC, RNC, City, Region etc.)
Neighbour Export Definitions with different grouping levels (BSC, RNC, City, Region etc.)
XML/Script creation of Bulk Neighbour Definition with Consistency support
XML/Script creation of Bulk Neighbour Removal with Consistency support
XML/Script creation of Bulk Parameter Update
GSM Cell Recreation (BSC Rehoming)
UMTS Cell Recreation (RNC Rehoming)
Accela user management based on Oracle security with SSL support for web security
Pinpoints any single inconsistency in your network regardless how big and complex it is and how many vendors/technologies are being used. Gives both executive level reports and detailed analysis of any parameter conflicts.
Consistency Analysis is a web based auditing product that pinpoints the inconsistencies in GSM/UMTS networks by correlating statistic, parameter and site physical data.
Consistency Analysis supports all major Vendors and GSM/UMTS technologies.
Consistency Analysis provides more than 150 pre-defined functions to find out inconsistencies in the network.
Consistency Analysis performs scheduled consistency audits on mobile networks and reports inconsistencies in an easy way to manage web environment.
You can track parameter changes occurring in your network, compare best cell's parameter with the worst ones and find differences through a very user friendly interface.
Easy-to-use inconsistency management via web interface
IIS and Oracle powered program performance
Public and Private Template control for Node, Function and Workspace(All) selections
Schedulable e-mail sender for selected Workspace results
New functions added quickly and without interrupting working systems , thanks to modular program structure
Results exported as excel files and monitored via GUI
New patches and updates applied instantly and reach end-users without the need for re-installation
Simplified Database Structure to save Administrator's timelution in OSS part of any network.