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Jul 18 2018.

Innovile as Karyan strategic partner provide Nemesis as a SON solution in RAN part of any network.
Nemesis is Innovile's Self-Optimizing Network (SON) solution. As a multi-vendor and multi-technology product, it automatically and dynamically optimizes the capacity and quality parameters of ALL NETWORK elements through a continuous and iterative methodology, until optimal configuration for better performance is achieved.
A graphic interface with real time traffic statistics provides a quick at a glance view into the network status.
performs all network level performance trends reportings with various time resolutions on multiple screens. Instant Statistics and Event Based Data are used to identify and optimize issues as they occur.
Handles a comprehensive and global parameter adjustment procedure, starting with data collection and followed by optimization and parameter change implementation to reach target KPI values.
Whole process is iterative, schedulable, flexible and easy to control
A Multi Project Structure keeps track of each optimization project. Configurable values and policies for each optimization scenarios are available
Optimization is continuous, proactive and fast, resulting in more accurate actions
Predefined missing neighbor, down site, new site, traffic balancing scenarios are available
Provides iteration , overall project level detailed statistics and reports for optimisation projects.
Shows all parameter change recommendations and implemented changes on satellite view map through thematic layers.