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Jul 18 2018.

Metricell as Karyan strategic partner provides User experience management Solution.
As well as being able to measure Quality of Experience, we understand the importance of being able to monitor Quality of Service. To understand true Quality of Service levels operators must move away from relying solely on site statistics and place emphasis on customer and location centric monitoring.
Our devices and advanced back-end analysis tools empowers a wide range of departments to continuously monitor Quality of Service in important locations such as Traffic Hotspots, Key Transit Routes and Corporate Offices. By combining a rich range of data, teams such as Corporate Account Managers have been able to proactively ensure the network is consistently delivering and fulfilling the Corporate SLAs as well as Network Operations teams ensuring vendors are continually meeting their SLAs.
We combine a range of data sources, from OSS KPIs, trouble tickets to maintenance and so on, to monitor all aspects of the network and alert you instantly if any Key Quality Indicator is breached – helping you identify exactly where and when service levels have fallen.
Our approach to Service Quality Management has enabled operators to be proactive by having the tools at their fingertips to ensure they are able to differentiate their network by consistently providing excellent service levels to their customers.